Do you sometimes feel that your life is “stuck” and that you can’t find the way to make the change you wish for?
Do you feel like there are issues that keep repeating in your work and relationships?
Have you felt that somehow you find yourself at the same place again and again despite putting so much effort?

When our qualities are out of balance, we create patterns and defense mechanisms, that we build throughout the years, we suppress what we think is “negative” emotions and we contain all our big and small traumas.
As a result, we neglect our body, ignore the signs our body gives us of weakness and stress, we begin to feel non-vital, nonproductive and unsatisfied with many aspects of our life.

OmnyTherapy is a physical psychotherapy method used to create a change in life, it focuses on the close connection between our body and mind.
We will go on a journey together – find out what your qualities are, we will go to the source of the patterns that keep repeating in your system and we will learn how to contain all the emotions in your body.

OmnyTherapy sessions combine different technics of breathing, body work and imagination. Reconnecting and giving attention to your body will help you find balance and strength to make the change that you wish for.

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